Course description, “Mixed Methods Research in Composition and Rhetoric”

CCR 635
Mixed Methods Research in Composition and Rhetoric
Rebecca Moore Howard
Syracuse University
Spring 2014

The catalog description for this course says it “[s]urveys research methods and methodologies. Focuses on reading research rhetorically, crafting researchable questions, and designing research studies.” In this outing of CCR 635, we’ll begin with that survey and then move  quickly to a project-based course in which we will address a curricular issue from the SU undergraduate writing program . As we examine that issue, we’ll develop research questions and the tools needed to answer them, choosing from ethnographic, archival, hermeneutic, and data-driven research methods. In pursuit of answers to our research questions, each student will read about, implement, and teach the rest of the class about a single research method, and everyone will learn how to code research data. The class will conduct pilot research for the projects we’ve designed, to test and hone those methods. At the conclusion of the semester, we will collaborate on a report of our work to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. We will be attentive, too, to possibilities for bringing our research to closure and publishing the results. The final project for each student will be to draft part or all of a hypothetical or real dissertation prospectus, focusing on the methods statement.


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